Myuria Tionysus
Base Statistics
Level 33 HP 3,334
MP 753 GRD 44
ATK 256 DEF 289
INT 165 HIT 90
Luck 90 Critical 1.2
Base Resistances
Poison 0 Stun 0
Freeze 0 Paralysis 0
Silence 0 Fog 0
Curse 0 Pumpkin 0
Void 0
Starting Equipment
Weapon Symbol Staff
Armor Alchemist's Cloak
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory None
Extra Information
Age 22
Gender Female
Birthdate November 5
Race Morphus
Japanese Voice Actor Hitomi Nabatame
English Voice Actor Jessica Straus

Myuria is part of an investigation team from En II, who travels to underdeveloped planets to take geological and material readings from the surface. However during their assignment, the team are attacked by monsters. But Myuria, who serves both as a researcher and a combat fighter, tackles the creatures easily. She is very adept at casting Heraldry, and has high agility and battle fitness. Myuria has a very determined personality and will not give up on what goal she has set her eyes upon. She often shows a calm smiling attitude to others, but will become more serious once the situation gets complicated. On a honeymoon voyage with her newly wedded husband Lucien, Myuria's ship is accidentally caught up in a battle between Crowe's Aquila and an enemy craft. The ship takes critical damage, and Lucien ejects Myuria in a escape pod just before the ship explodes. She confronts Crowe, who she wants vengeance on, with a frigid, suspicious demeanour, but behind her face lies a heart filled with sadness and fear. Although she was born on En II, she had never met Bacchus before.

IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: 2 Artistry: 1 Compounding: 10
Cooking: 8 Crafting: -6 Engineering: 5
Sense: 3 Smithery: -2

Skills, Arts, SymobolsEdit

Field Skill
Default Skill
Battle Skill
HP Boost
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Special Art
Myuria cannot learn Special Arts
Deep Freeze
Ice Needles
Lightning Blast
Thunder Flare
Shadow Needles
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Level 35